A Box of Hammers

Someone said that if the only tool you have is a hammer, you will treat every problem as if it were a nail.  Many Americans would be forgiven for thinking that the U.S. foreign policy tool box contains only hammers.  When confronted with realities in the world that we object to, we are tempted to choose between the extremes of crushing the problem with military force or else turning away.

The truth about U.S. engagement in the world is much more complex.  We interact with foreign peoples constantly through commerce, diplomacy, aid, and cultural exchange.  When we have a conflict with a foreign nation–or other foreign entity–we may employ a wide range of approaches to resolve it.  We have many tools in our tool box.

This site is dedicated to stories and perspectives on everything that falls between non-engagement with the world and hitting it with the hammer.  The goal is to present stories that didn’t find their way  to the Washington Post or cable news, perspectives that may be too nuanced for politicians to make use of.  The stories will be short, clear, honest, and free of jargon.

Above all I hope the site will prompt you to read, comment, and involve yourself in the way Americans act abroad.

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